The City has qualified, trained staff responsible for issuing permits and performing inspections for all building, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical work performed within the corporate limits of West Monroe. In January 2007, the City of West Monroe adopted the Louisiana State Uniform Construction Code, a state-wide construction code overseen by the Louisiana State Uniform Construction Code Council.

New Construction

New construction must obtain all of the proper building permits and are subject to inspections from both the building inspector and the Fire Prevention Bureau, a division of the West Monroe Fire Department.


Fire Prevention Bureau inspects over 1,400 businesses, in addition to all new construction, on an annual basis. The new construction sites are visited each Monday to ensure code compliance. Certificate of Occupancy inspections are scheduled and performed at the convenience of both the new business owner and the inspections office. 

After occupancy, firefighters perform Pre-Fire Surveys at each business every six months, updating information as well as drawing the floor plan of the building to familiarize themselves of the layout for quick access in case of an emergency.