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1. Why did I get a sticker on my car?
2. Why did I get a certified letter and not a phone call about code violations?
3. Can I get more time to correct a code violation?
4. Why has nothing been done since I reported a code violation?
5. Are there restrictions on garage sales?
6. What are the restrictions on temporary signs?
7. When are permits required?
8. Why do I have to board up a house I own?
9. Why do I have to mow an empty lot?
10. Who complained about my property?
11. What do I do if there is an emergency?
12. Why can’t I have a couch on my porch?
13. Why can’t I work on my vehicle in my yard?
14. Why can’t I place tires in my yard?
15. Can I put my vehicle for sale in a parking lot?
16. Are there any items that the city trash service will not pick up?
17. How do I report a code violation?