How can I pay my utility bill ?

The City of West Monroe Utility Department accepts the following forms of payment:  cash, checks, money orders, Visa and Master debit/credit cards. 

Payments can be made via:

  • Online One-Time Payments (debit and credit cards only):
  • For recurring Auto payments visit  Click new user to start your account and maintain your credit/debit card information 
  • Kiosk Machine outside of City Hall accepts cash, debit and credit cards only 24/7/365 (change is not provided)
  • Night Drop box located out front of City Hall; preferred payments are check and money order only
  • Auto draft payments offered via checking account with a voided check
  • US Postal Service for your mailing options 
  • As always, we will be happy to assist in the utility department, located just inside of City Hall

Helpful Hints:

American Express and Discover cards are not accepted forms of payment is not affiliated with the City of West Monroe website

If receipts are not provided by the Kiosk, please feel free to visit the water department or contact us at 318-397-6898

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1. How can I pay my utility bill ?
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