ARE YOU OK?  -   Checking on our Neighbors 

This program is available to citizens who reside in the city limits of West Monroe and live alone and don’t have anyone to check on them.  It’s called ARE YOU OK, and it provides a daily phone call to check on them and offer a sense of reassurance and security.


How It Works

An automated phone call is made every morning.    If the call is answered, the citizen is logged as “ok.”  However, if the call is not answered after three attempts, an officer will be dispatched to the residence.  If the officer arrives and the citizen does not answer the door, the officer will enter the premises to physically check on the client.  For this reason, all clients must personally sign the enrollment application, giving law enforcement permission to enter their homes. After enrollment, an officer from the Community Police Division will come to the residence to meet the participant.


Who can sign up?

ARE YOU OK? is available to seniors or disabled citizens who live inside the city limits of West Monroe.  Since the participating citizen must personally sign the application, family members are not able to enroll their loved ones.  But, concerned family members should visit with and encourage them to register.


How much is this going to cost?

ARE YOU OK is free.  No charge to sign up, and no charge to participate.  This is simply a way of making sure our senior West Monroe City residents have someone to check on them.

Click here to sign up for ARE YOU OK?