Marshal's Office

Marshal William M. Guyton was elected in 1991. The territorial jurisdiction of this Marshal's Office is that of ward 5 in Ouachita Parish, not just within the city limits of West Monroe. Ward 5 extends north to the Union Parish Line, east to the Ouachita River, west to Drew School, and south to Browder Road on LA 34.


The Marshal shall execute the orders and mandates of the court and in the execution thereof, and in making arrests and preserving the peace, he has the same powers and authority of a Sheriff. The Marshal may appoint one or more Deputy Marshals having the same powers. 

All Deputies are hired under and held to the highest possible standards. Each Deputy performs his assigned tasks, day to day, in the courtroom, throughout City Hall, and on the streets of West Monroe.


  • Collect cash bonds for bail
  • Collect traffic and criminal fines
  • Courtroom security
  • Executing seizures
  • Prisoner transfer
  • Seize and disburse money through garnishments ordered by the West Monroe City Court
  • Seize and sale of property under the order of West Monroe City Court
  • Service of papers
  • Serving warrants
  • Writs of possession